'The Pursuit of Indefinite Environmental, Economic and Social Well Being'
As a world leader and pioneer in organic cellulosic sustainability and renewable solutions, BioTerra Cellulosic (BTC) is an innovative, transformative cellulose development and production company. BTC utilizes large scale organic cellulose to develop and produce transformative sustainable and renewable cellulosic products which increase product quality and purity while reducing production processes, life cycle carbon emissions, water and air pollution, and wastes. 
The Worlds, Cleanest, Purest C02 - Sustainable, Renewable, Organic
The Worlds Most Functionally Diverse Renewable, Organic, Soilless Grow Media
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BTC creates a 360 degree product development cycle that converts components of organic agricultural production processes into multiple more valuable organic cellulosic products. BTC leverages these innovations against a broad range of industries to transform industries and products through significant reductions in carbon emissions and substantial improvements in product quality and purity.

BioTerra Cellulosic develops and produces transformative and sustainable next generation products for:

  • Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation and Processing
  • Specialty Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Consumer Products
  • Renewable Fuels 
         Made in the USA   

         Made in the USA