Bioterra Cellulosics “BSE Organic Artificial Turf Infill” is the most natural, perfectly balanced, and functionally diverse organic cellulosic fiber, Artificial Turf Infill to ever be produced. BSE is a high performance Organic Artificial Turf Infill.

All artificial turf requires some type of infill. In areas of heavy or rough use, an artificial turf infill must be used. Artificial turf infill provides the feeling of walking on real grass as the softness and cushion provides that soil-like property and experience.

BSE Artificial Turf Infill organically and naturally supports grass fibers, adds stability, strength and an added layer of soft cushion and fall protection for athletes, children and turf users. BSE improves daily traffic wear-ability and helps protect the synthetic faux grass blades and backing from UV rays and prolonged extensive exposure to sun and the elements of extreme weather.

BSE Organic Artificial Turf Infill is perfect for:

·       Artificial Golf Facilities

·       Artificial Athletic Fields

·       Artificial Baseball/Football Fields

·       Artificial Lawns

·       Artificial Park Turf

·       Artificial Playgrounds

·       Artificial Landscaping Areas

BSE can be used to infill any type of artificial turf. BSE represents an entirely new generation in high performance turf amendment golf courses. BSE is by far the most environmentally responsible artificial turf infill to exist. Containing no sand, no silica, no rubber and no artificial products.

BSE possesses the lowest carbon footprint of any artificial turf infill to produce and utilize. BSE is a 100% organic, inert and natural designed for superior infill performance.

100% Produced in the USA, BSE is a proprietary organic artificial turf infill that is 100% natural, 100% sustainable and 100% biodegradable.

  • BSE is the most environmentally responsible organic artificial turf infill to exist.
  • Peat moss harvesting destroys critical environmental structures and organisms’ nature depends on.
  • Harvesting and global transportation of coco coir has a significantly higher carbon footprint than Bioterra Cellulosics BSE.
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