BioTerra Cellulosic LLC, (BTC) has emerged as a world leader and pioneer in carbon emissions reductions and sustainability solutions. As a founding developer and partner of the largest agricultural Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) (Biogas) production facility in the USA and the free world, BTC is set to become the standard by which all Renewable Natural Gas facilities will become. 

With the full scale production facility completion planned for 2018, BTC utilizes large scale agricultural residuals to produce utility scale Biogas and RNG production for renewable transport fuel and sustainable renewable products which reduce life cycle carbon emissions, water and air pollution, and landfill wastes. 

BTCs' Renewable Natural Gas utility scale process is innovative and transformative. BTC creates a 360 degree product development cycle that utilizes each waste stream of agricultural production of the previous waste stream until all downstream waste is utilized to produce yet another sustainable product until zero wastes are reached. BTCs' leverages these innovations against a broad range of industries to reduce pollution and increase production through the entire product life cycle chain.

Until now large scale agricultural wastes were left to fill landfill sites and become large scale contributors to both water and air pollution while simultaneously being a major contributor to carbon emissions and global warming.

BioTerra Cellulosic develops and produces innovative transformative next generation products for:

  • Specialty Agriculture

  • Industrial

  • Construction

  • Landscaping

  • Consumer Products

  • Renewable Energy

 BTC introduces the next generation of innovation, of corporate and social responsibility, of agricultural emissions and of yield dividend and production.