Biomass fuel pellets are the equivalent of high performance wood fuel pellets. Biomass pellet fiber is substantially more renewable, burns hotter and is faster and cheaper to produce.

The main applications for biomass pellets are by replacing fossil fuels and coal fuels for heating and electrical energy production. Biomass fuel fiber combusts like coal but is much cleaner thereby making it the perfect alternative fuel for coal fired power plants and to co-mix with coal for power production.

Biomass pellets are considered to be a solid bio fuel and therefore have a “zero impact” when it comes to the calculation of quotas of polluting gases (Kyoto Protocol and EU’s 20-20-20 target).

bioterra cellulosics “BSE Organic Fuel Fiber is a proprietary blend of 100% organic, 100% renewable, all natural, inert, high performance cellulosic fuel fibers. BSE is a high performance fuel pellet fiber with the highest Btu production of any wood or fuel pellet material.

Unlike most wood fuel pellet material, BSE is produced from an agricultural waste residue which grows to maturity in a few months as opposed to the many years required to grow trees for wood fiber. Railyards

Produced in the USA, BSE is by far the most environmentally responsible fuel pellet fiber to exist. Containing no tree, wood, bark, paper waste, or coco coir, BSE possesses the lowest carbon footprint of any fiber fuel anywhere.

100% Produced in the USA, BSE is a proprietary organic spill absorbent that is 100% natural, 100% sustainable and 100% biodegradable.

BSE is the most environmentally responsible fuel pellet fiber produced.


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