bioterra cellulosics “BSE Industrial Fiber” is a proprietary blend of 100% organic, all natural, inert, high performance cellulosic fibers. BSE is a high performance industrial fiber superior to wood fibers, peat, corn cobb, paper waste or coco coir products. BSE is non-carcinogenic, dust free, environmentally friendly and safe for landfills.

BSE Industrial Fibers is the most versatile and diverse fiber produced capable of high performance in hundreds of applications including:

·       MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard

·       Industrial Spill Absorbents

·       Asphalt Binder

·       Concrete Binder

·       Paper Products

·       Cardboard

·       Textiles

·       Flooring

·       Insulation

·       Composites

·       Thermoplastics Binders

·       Construction Materials

·       Roofing Materials

·       Fiber Flour

Produced in the USA from agricultural wastes, BSE is by far the most environmentally responsible cellulosic fiber to exist.

100% Produced in the USA, BSE is a proprietary organic cellulosic fiber that is 100% natural, 100% sustainable and 100% biodegradable.