Bioterra Cellulosics “BSE™ "Cannabis Grade™" Organic Soilless Grow Media” represents an entirely new generation in high performance soilless grow media for hydroponics, greenhouse crops, specialty crops, fruits, vegetables and flowering plants. BSE is the most natural, perfectly balanced and functionally diverse organic cellulosic fiber grow media to ever be produced. BSE Organic Soilless Grow Media retains 20 times its weight in water, possess a perfectly balanced pH of 6.9 to 7.4 and is functionally sodium free with only trace sodium.

BSE is by far the most environmentally responsible grow media to exist. Containing no peat moss, coco coir or Rockwool, BSE possesses the lowest carbon footprint of any grow media to produce and utilize. With perfect pH, virtually no sodium, no buffering, no treating to reduce salts or potassium, BSE is a 100% organic, inert, natural media designed for superior aeration, and root zone nutrient and water retention allowing for faster growth and higher yields..

BSE is ready to grow with no washing, no buffering, no chemical treatments to reduce salts of potassium. It is perfect for large commercial growers and small boutique growers as well.

BSE is the last grow medium you will ever need to use from seed to harvest. Perfect for all net pots, growing pots, plant containers and hydroponics of any size both indoor and outdoor. BSE’s all natural organic properties allow for excellent root zone breathability and moisture retention as it naturally resists compaction.

With no added nutrients, fertilizers or additives, BSE allows you TOTAL nutrient control every day at every stage of growth. As a totally neutral, inert grow media, BSE allows every grower to utilize their own blend of nutrient without trying to balance the grow media to the nutrient mix. BSE may be used alone or mix with Perlite, as a soil amendment or other soil or soilless blend. BSE can mixed 50/50 as a soil amendment to reduce salt lock-up and improve the nutrient, aeration and moisture retention in the root zone.

You will never use Rockwool, coconut coir, soil or clay pebbles again. The most perfect 100% organic environmentally conscience grow medium in existence. The only grow medium that requires no washing, no buffering and no treatment before use- use straight from the bag ready to plant, naturally.

100% Produced in the USA, BSE is a proprietary organic grow media that is 100% natural, 100% sustainable and 100% biodegradable.

BSE is the most environmentally responsible Grow Media to exist.


Peat moss harvesting destroys critical environmental structures and organisms’ nature depends on.

Harvesting and global transportation of coco coir has a significantly higher carbon footprint than bioterra cellulosics BSE.


BSE™ is a Trademark of BioTerra Cellulosics, LLC - Registration Pending

Cannibis Grade™ is a Trademark of BioTerra Cellulosics, LLC - Registration Pending


Free of Pathogens and full of healthy microbs.


Due to the harsh practices of conventional agriculture, a majority of our soil in America is depleted and unhealthy — which makes it hard for plants to thrive! Manure is a priceless addition to depleted soil that adds organic matter and nutrients back into the earth. The simple inclusion of manure into exhausted soil improves the soil structure, increases the water retention of the soil, improves drainage, provides a slow-release of nutrients, reduces erosion, and attracts beneficial soil organisms. All of these benefits heal the earth, and over time (5-7 years give or take), the land will be ready to use for responsible food production again.

So not only is animal manure a great fertilizer to organically feed your plants but it also acts as a healing soil amendment that rejuvenates the land.

Manures are also an earth-friendly, “green” fertilizer that reduce environmental pollution. So sure, you could go out and buy a bottle of chemical fertilizer from the store, but why pay for something that you can produce in your own yard or find for free in your community?

In my experience, chemical fertilizers bring more problems than they solve. They destroy life in the soil which attracts pests and disease to your garden, on the other hand, manure actually builds the health of your soil and attracts beneficial organisms to bring your garden to life.

Another advantage manure has over synthetic fertilizers it that manure is a complete fertilizer; meaning it contains a variety of micronutrients as well as all the necessary macronutrients, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K).

Every animal’s manure offers something unique. So let’s take a look at what each animal has to offer and which w