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The Worlds, Cleanest, Purest C02

RENEWABLE ORGANIC C02 - 100% Organic Non-Petroleum C02

Bioterra Cellulosics “BSE™ Cannabis Grade™ Renewable Organic C02” (oC02) represents an entirely new generation in C02 development and production for use in hydroponics, greenhouse crops, specialty crops, fruits, vegetables and flowering plants.

Typical C02 uses include:

  • C02 can be distributed into a greenhouse atmosphere to increase crop yields as much as 40%.
  • C02 is used to extract oils for concentrates and many other uses.
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NOT ALL C02 IS CREATED EQUAL - C02 from Cellulosic Biogas is not a fossil fuel petroleum product nor is it a designated greenhouse gas and does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

BTC oC02 is 100% renewable organic green C02. Conventional brown gas C02 is too often identified as "green" C02 however it is not green in any form. Conventional C02 is typically produced from brown natural gas production or a by-product of an industrial waste gas. 

BTC oC02 is a superior oil extraction fluid yet possessing the same molecular composition as brown gas C02. BTC renewable oC02 is 100% organic and not produced from a petroleum natural gas source. oC02 is the worlds first and perhaps only totally organic, totally renewable, totally sustainable all natural C02 production.

BTC renewable oC02 is the most natural and functionally diverse organic, sustainable, renewable C02 to be produced. oC02 provides the cleanest and greenest Supercritical Extraction Fluid anywhere assuring the least impact to purity, flavor and potency.

Equally as important, true corporate and social responsibility, sustainability and carbon emissions reduction initiatives begin with cradle to grave renewable alternatives. Life cycle carbon emissions reductions becomes more productive and meaningful when true all natural sustainable products are utilized from the onset.   

BTC oC02 is ready to distribute through any existing conventional oC02 dispenser or delivery mechanism. BTC oC02 requires no special equipment or alternative metering processes. It is an exact replacement for the brown gas C02 counter-part. BTC oC02 is perfect for large commercial growers and small boutique growers as well.

100% Produced in the USA, BSE C02 is a proprietary organic C02 that is 100% natural , 100% renewable and 100% sustainable.

The biggest difference between the grades are the amounts and kinds of impurities that are allowable in the CO2. As you ascend the list the amount of impurities like ammonia, benzene, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and others allowed to be in specific grades of gas are lessened. While nobody wants to ingest benzene or ammonia those hydrocarbons are far more dangerous when working with lasers than with lagers.

The grading of 99.90% CO2 purity for beverage grade gases is now mandated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA regulations allow for the other .09% of the gas to be made up of other hydrocarbons.

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The Worlds Cleanest, Purest C02

Unlike petroleum based conventional C02 which contains heavy metals, H2S, propane, butane and other undesirable  hydrocarbons, organically produced BSE oC02 contains no traces of heavy metals, butane, propane or H2S.





No matter what your business or application is contact your gas supplier and ask:

  • What grade/purity CO2 are you delivering to me?
  • Can you provide me with a certificate that states the purity?

Any qualified gas provider will be able to not only answer those questions immediately but they should also be able to demonstrate the gas quality as well. Do not settle for purity any less than what your application calls for.

If you are unsure of your gas quality or call your suppliers analysis in to question you can contact an outside laboratory for third party testing services.

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